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Guard Your Heart

There are few things as welcome summer’s heat a cool drink of water. The water we passed out in church today is labeled “spring water.” Spring water is water that bubbles up from the ground. In order to market water as “spring water,” companies cannot purify or alter the water in any way. Did you […]

It’s For Your Own Good

“Proverb” simply means “a short, wise saying.” Proverbs have been found in all cultures. Proverbs are, in some ways, what makes society run. They are a catchy way for a culture to share wisdom. Psychiatrists use proverbs to test someone’s mental health. They say, “People who live in glass houses” and see if the person […]

Psalm 145–Groceries

There’s a scene in the film The Hurt Locker. A soldier has just come home from Iraq and he’s in the grocery store with his wife. And she says, “get us a box of cereal” and she walks away. This soldier looks out at an aisle of a hundred different varieties of cereal, and this […]

Hiding Place

Children love to play hide and seek. There’s some comfort, some reassurance, in being lost and being found. When Diana was little, she played hide and seek in her own special way. She and her daddy would both hide from me, or the two of us hide from daddy or if daddy’s not home; we […]

Was God in Orlando?

I don’t often talk about the headlines in my sermons the way that many preachers do. I believe that often, news, particularly TV news, emphasizes the negative, but we as Christians are called to emphasize the positive. If it bleeds, it leads. So often, the TV news leads us to feel like tragedy that is […]

The Value of Sacrifice

This weekend, Americans will celebrate Memorial Day with hotdogs and coleslaw, but I hope all Americans will take some time to remember and give thanks for those who sacrificed for us, and for our nation, and for liberty and justice for all. I hope those moments of reflection will cause people to think about self-sacrifice. […]

The Secret to Self Control

So how many of you, for the nine weeks we have heard Galatians 5:22-23, have inwardly cringed every time you heard the words “self-control”? Many would say among all the fruit of the Spirit, kindness, gentleness, peace, even patience, self-control is the virtue with which they are struggling the most. Yet self-control is really important […]


At about the time I was interviewing for my first church, Dan went to a conference in Seattle that asked the question, “Are you on fire for the Lord?” We spent a lot of time talking about what it would mean to be “on fire for the Lord” to be really energized, full of the […]

Knit: A Mother’s Day Message

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, influential knit blogger and author of Yarn Harlot:  The Secret Life of a Knitter, states that there are people who knit, and there are knitters. How do you know a knitter? A knitter is a person who either has attempted, or has dreamed about, knitting while driving. Knitters have intense relationships with yarn. […]