At Starr, we place an emphasis on spiritual growth. We seek to make disciples, not just members. We offer Bible studies geared toward men and women.

Men’s Bible Study:

Meets at 9am on Sunday morning in the library, located at the base of the stairs as you enter off the Crooks Road lot. The men of the church gather to simply read through the Bible and discuss God’s Word together. Contact Don Reinke at for more information (attn: Don Reinke.)

Women’s Bible Study:

The Women’s Association holds a weekly Bible study in the summer and a monthly Bible study during the school year. Contact Debbie Collins at for more information (attn: Debbie Collins.)

Women’s Mini-Retreats:

For those women who can’t make a weekday group, we have quarterly women’s mini-retreats led by the Pastor. Typical mini-retreats run from 11 to 1:30, and we all bring a topping for a communal salad. Contact Mandy Reinke at for more information (attn: Mandy Reinke.)