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Hosea 11: Brokenhearted God

If you’re wondering how the transition of Charlie’s arrival has been for me, I will be honest with you and tell you it’s a challenge going from two to three. J.P. is particularly upset with the change, and he’s acting out—throwing food, hitting his sister, etc. We’re doing a lot of time outs at the […]

Job 19: Brother in Arms

The other day JP asked me, “Can you play hide and seek with me?”   What do you do? You put everything else down, and you play hide and seek with your kid. We went upstairs and I said, “OK, let’s play hide and seek.” And very excitedly he said, “Yay! We’re playing hide and […]

Nehemiah 8: Why Study the Bible?

We live awash in words, more so than any previous generation. Words scream at us from social media, nag us from newpapers, bully us from billboards, and inundate our inboxes. And we go home at night to watch mindless chatter from TV, or incessant arguing as the political commentators interrupt one another so that you […]

He is risen indeed!

Easter is the most important day of our year as Christians. What is the biggest Christian holiday the world celebrates? It’s Christmas. The world goes nuts for Christmas. The world goes crackers for Christmas. The world goes nutcrackers for Christmas. But Easter slips by in our culture without much fanfare. It’s a long weekend maybe, […]

Palm Sunday: The Power of Love

On this day, Christians around the world celebrate the event that got Jesus killed; his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, where the common people proclaimed him King. The Roman authorities saw a rebellion fermenting, and the religious leadership of the Sanhedrin didn’t like Jesus’s challenge to their authority—which he displayed, soon after entering the city, by […]

Judges 6: Test or Trust?

When Rick Warren founded Saddleback Church in 1980, someone asked him, “how big do you think this church will get?” Rick replied, “we’ll have 20,000 members.” The questioner joked, “Who do you think you are?” Rick answered, “it’s not about who I am. It’s about who God is.” Today, Saddleback has about 29,000 in worship […]