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Christmas Magic

We have this group who come to the church and help us out. These are people with disabilities, and I think we see it as part of our mission as a church to work with them. There is one particular young man named Danny who is really friendly, he is a big Lions fan too. […]

The Ornaments on the Christmas Tree

Every December, we tackle the same issue, when greeting people out in the world, or sending out our Christmas cards: Merry Christmas? Happy Holidays? Season’s Greetings? Ho Ho Ho? Well, how about “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath that is to come?” That’s God’s Advent greeting, from the pages […]

The Christmas Tree’s Roots

Thanksgiving is over. The decorations are up. The Christmas music is on. It’s the Christmas season out there. And this message is about roots? Not very merry and bright. But every tree needs roots, even Christmas trees. Not only do roots provide the tree with water and nourishment, but the roots physically stabilize the tree, […]


As we prepare for Thanksgiving, I think back on that other fall holiday, the one that’s a huge deal if you have kids in public school: Halloween. This Halloween in the Grano family, things did not go as planned. And I ask you, as we head into this Thanksgiving week, with the hopes of so […]

Switched On Life

Many believers are on the hunt for “the perfect church.” The one with music just the right style. With Starbucks in the front lobby. A church filled with young people who look good. Nice people, who have no problems of their own, but who will listen carefully to all of mine and pray for me […]

Switched On?

As a Michigan fan, I’m not supposed to like Peyton Manning. The guy almost stole my boy Charles Woodson’s Heisman trophy. But I gotta admit, I’ve always found him likeable. And who wouldn’t? The five-time MVP is one of only two quarterbacks to beat every team in the NFL He’s the only quarterback to win […]

Switched On Power

When the power of God is within us, why do we rely on anything else? In this passage, Paul and Silas come to Philippi, the community to which Paul will later write his letter to the Philippians, and they come to preach the Gospel, hoping to start a church. But the people around Paul and […]

Switched On Sight

Today we heard the most famous conversion story in all of Scripture. Saul’s vision on the road to Damascus has inspired music, art, and film—from Caravaggio to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, from John Newton’s hymn “Amazing Grace” to Manfred Mann’s “Blinded By the Light.” (By the way, I don’t know what it means […]

Lean On

Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, wrote a book called “Lean In,” encouraging professional women to embrace the challenge of work-life balance, to work smarter and stop getting in the way of their own success. “Lean In” is a term used in sports to push harder and become stronger, to shift your body […]

Honey or Swords?

Words are powerful. In only a few words, we can convey volumes of thought and opinion. For example, if I were to say “make America great again,” or “Black lives matter,” those tiny, three-or four-word phrases, which, on their face, are not at all controversial—don’t we all want America to be a great country? Don’t […]