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John 10–Investor

I read recently that more Americans are renting their homes or apartments than ever before, which is unsurprising: home prices are sky-high, and young people are coming out with such huge educational loans that they face the choice of whether to go to college or own a home (or neither). But I wonder what the […]

John 6–The Bread of Life

You’ve heard it said “you are what you eat.” If you want to be more like Christ, our text today suggests that you should eat him. This passage comes after Jesus feeds five thousand people with five loaves and two fish, and after feeding them, he explains what the feeding means. The feeding of the […]

John 4: Signs

One of my more exciting jobs every week is to come up with something to say on the church sign. You’d be amazed at the people who come in off the street just to say they like the message. I’ll be totally honest and admit that I come up with a lot of ideas from […]

John 3–Bridesmaids

I remember going to a church for an interview, and was put off by what they said about the church down the street: “they’re our competitors,” they said. I was taken aback. Are we really competing with other churches? Aren’t we competing against Satan? I doubt that Kensington Church, Woodside Bible Church, or any of […]

John 2–Extraordinary

A miracle is when God shows us who He is. The first miracle Jesus ever performed was to turn water into wine, and this showed us who Jesus was. · John 2:11: Jesus did this, the first of his signs, in Cana of Galilee, and revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him. But […]

John 1: The Philosopher

Are you still just skimming the surface of what it means to be a Christian? Or can you go deeper in your walk with Christ? What strikes me about the Gospel of John is how deep he goes into who Christ is and how He saves us. John is a great philosopher. Mark’s Gospel depicts […]

Ezekiel 1–A Strange God

How do you picture God? Most of us picture God as an old white man, something like Santa Claus. Perhaps the most famous depiction of God is the one on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, an older, white, bearded guy reaching out to touch humanity, Generally we see in our heads a kind of […]

Isaiah 60: Lighthouses

Every year, at approximately this time, I begin to wonder why it is that I live in Michigan. Winter in Michigan seems to hit us like a ton of icy-cold bricks. In January, in Michigan, you have to get motivated to go outside to take out the trash, let alone brave going to the grocery […]

Hebrews 12–Entertaining Angels

In my previous congregation, we had a kitchen installed shortly after I came. It was a beautiful kitchen, with new countertops, a high-speed dishwasher that cleaned the coffee cups in five minutes, and an amazing industrial coffee maker that never needed to be filled with water. But when it was installed, there was great resistance […]