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Exodus 33: God’s Backside

The readings we had for this week may have seemed technical, repetitive, boring, and weird, full of strange commands like how to cut apart a goat and burn it on the fire. But all these chapters focus around a central theme: how do we encounter God? It’s an important question: maybe it’s the important question. […]

Exodus 12: Miracles

As I’ve considered miracles this week, reading the book of Exodus, my working definition of a miracle is: a miracle is when God demonstrates who He is. Up until now, we have seen God doing amazing things—creating the world, the great flood, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the birth of Isaac—but we haven’t seen […]

Genesis 22: Mercy in the Mess

What was the most disturbing Bible story you read this week? Was it the story of Lot offering up his daughters to be raped? Or Abraham casting out the mother of his child, leaving the woman and child to die in the desert? Or Jacob tricking his brother out of his inheritance? Joseph’s brothers selling […]

Genesis 12: You Win

As we journey through Genesis, we have seen that God created us for relationship. God created by communication—by speaking—and he created us in his image and likeness; he created us good, and he created us in community, never to be alone. But in these first chapters of Genesis, we see how humankind abuses that relationship. […]

Genesis 1: Made for Relationship

Our church has felt called in 2017 to walk through the Bible, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, as one community. We believe that this journey will deepen our faith and trust in God personally and as a community. We believe that walking through the Bible together will offer us new challenges and opportunities. We […]

O Christmas Trees Skit

“O Christmas Trees” Christmas Pageant 2016 Adapted by Marianne Grano, from “Is it really Christmas?” by Marjorie Kennedy SUSIE SPRUCE: Oh, I am excited. Today the children will come in looking to buy Christmas trees! I was too small last year, but this year I’m the right size and I’m absolutely gorgeous. Perfectly pear shaped! […]

Christmas Magic

We have this group who come to the church and help us out. These are people with disabilities, and I think we see it as part of our mission as a church to work with them. There is one particular young man named Danny who is really friendly, he is a big Lions fan too. […]

The Ornaments on the Christmas Tree

Every December, we tackle the same issue, when greeting people out in the world, or sending out our Christmas cards: Merry Christmas? Happy Holidays? Season’s Greetings? Ho Ho Ho? Well, how about “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath that is to come?” That’s God’s Advent greeting, from the pages […]

The Christmas Tree’s Roots

Thanksgiving is over. The decorations are up. The Christmas music is on. It’s the Christmas season out there. And this message is about roots? Not very merry and bright. But every tree needs roots, even Christmas trees. Not only do roots provide the tree with water and nourishment, but the roots physically stabilize the tree, […]


As we prepare for Thanksgiving, I think back on that other fall holiday, the one that’s a huge deal if you have kids in public school: Halloween. This Halloween in the Grano family, things did not go as planned. And I ask you, as we head into this Thanksgiving week, with the hopes of so […]