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Are there wedding plans in your future? If so, Starr Church would like to help you arrange a ceremony that will set you on a path for this joyous and fulfilling journey in life. Thoughtful planning ensures that on your wedding day, you are prepared to make a commitment to one another. At Starr, we want to do all we can to make this preparation an enriching experience.

If you would like to get married, a meeting with our Pastor is the first step. You can contact Pastor Marianne at office@starrchurch.org. Our guidelines, tour and counsel will help you decide the location of the wedding ceremony here at Starr. Our pastor is also available to conduct weddings at outside locations.

Sanctuary or Chapel?

Our Sanctuary can hold up to 350 guests. For a smaller, more intimate wedding ceremony, our Chapel is also available, which seats approximately 40 guests.

Wedding Dates and Times:

We will do our best to work around your schedule, based on our church calendar. There is a charge for using the Sanctuary and/or Chapel. The usage fees are made available by the Pastor at your first meeting.

Do we have to go through counseling?

In most cases, our Pastor requires premarital counseling sessions. The sessions are intended to assist couples in their preparation for marriage, provide time and plan the wedding ceremony. The content of the wedding is discussed during these sessions with the Pastor.

Pastoral Officiating:

Our Pastor will officiate at the ceremony, however, it is possible for the Pastor to invite a minister from another church to assist in the wedding.


Our Music Director, Teri Barnaby, will work with you to select beautiful and tasteful music for your wedding.

Wedding Coordinator:

Starr Church provides a wedding coordinator to your day run smoothly, including planning for sound operation, projection system operation, cleanliness of facility, guidance for the wedding party, and oversight of the wedding ceremony.


Our Fellowship Hall provides a perfect setting for your reception. Please ask our Pastor about these fees. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited on church grounds. Smoking is not permitted inside of the church.

Please contact Starr Presbyterian Church at office@starrchurch.org for further information.

 Funerals and Memorial Services

If you are anticipating a funeral/memorial service, or have recently experienced a loss, we as a church hope we can be a caring presence in your time of need. We are truly sorry for your loss.

 Please call Pastor Marianne at 313-585-1211 if you need to discuss a memorial service, or need pastoral care for an ailing loved one. Our Music Director Teri Barnaby may also be available. We tailor the service to reflect the life of the person we are honoring, and also to share the good news of God’s love that reaches beyond death. We can hold funerals or memorial services at a place of your choosing, at a funeral home, or in our church with the approval of the church session.